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Cong tay Island

cong_tay_islandLocated in Bai Tu Long Cong Tay Island is a spot in the tour around the Ngoc Vung, Quan Lan islands. It is about 40km from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf and takes 90 minutes from Cam Pha to the island by ordinary ship and 30 minutes by express ship.

Cong Tay Island is compared with the Cinderella in a fairy tale. Cam Pha Coal, Construction and Wharf Company built the site into a destination for sigh-seeing and relaxation at weekend. Near the beach is a network of all-conveniences rest houses and restaurants. From the rest houses you can go to the beach on a red brick paved road lined on the two sides by straight rows of coconuts. You can relax by lying on a hammock under the shade of coconut while having a view of the sea or reading books.

Cong Tay has becoming an attractive tourist destination. Rest houses and service facilities are being updated and completed to cater to the needs of tourists.