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Yen Ngua Islet

Yen ngua islet

Yen Ngua Islet (Saddle Islet) is situated in the center of World Heritage Area of Halong Bay. Yen Ngua Islet has the height around 10 meters above the sea level.

It’s famous for the unique shape of a huge saddle rising from a vast expanse of water. The islet was formed by two stones: one is higher than the other and one is lower. The two stones are linked with each other and look like a saddle from a far distance. Underneath the point where two stones are linked, small boats can sail through. So that, some people thought the islet is like a sewing machine than a saddle.

As its majestic setting and unique shape, Yen Ngua is one of interesting sites on Halong Bay that usually involved in cruising track of tourists when visiting Halong.