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Reu Island

Reu Island is located at Northeast of Vietnam, just a 500-meter boat trip from Halong Bay City. The island is fast changing into an interesting resort through the project of Hoang Gia International Joint Venture. The island experiences a humid tropical climate with two distinct seasons, hot and wet. The best time to visit the island is from March to May to avoid the wet and rainy season. Reu Main Attractions The famous attraction of the island is the artistic geographical shape of the island. It can easily be described as a natural masterpiece that has turned thousands of stones into an amazing sculptural and artistic work of various shapes that can tantalize any human being that gets to see it. Another attraction of the Reu Island is the diverse species of animals. Most of these animals are rare and some of them can only be seen on this particular island. The lush forest and the crystal clear sea is an absolute living habitat for the rare wild and marine life. For that, Reu Island now belongs to the list of World Natural Heritage. Reu Island is perfect for both nature lovers and suite life seekers to enjoy.

reu island

Reu Activities 
You may do a lot acivities on the island to fully enjoy what it has to offer. You may rove around to enjoy the beauty of the unspoiled and slow-developing island. Enjoy the view of neighboring islands. Take a dive to have an amazing underwater adventure. You can go island hopping. And you can venture into the lush forest of the island. No one gets bored in Reu Island.

Reu Accommodation & Dining
Reu Island is still undergoing development but there are already several hotels that provide great accommodations with very hospitable personnel. As far as dining goes, the island serves different cuisines including that of European, Chinese, Vietnamese and a variety of seafood dishes.

Reu Shopping & Nightlife
Nightlife in Reu suits the tourist’s hunger for party. You can enjoy your visit to the fullest with entertainment and recreation activities: bars, pubs, archery grounds, ghostly houses, discos, karaoke bars, open- air stages and traditional music and singing. Shopping is also very rewarding in Reu Island. You can find all sorts of goodies that you could ever wish for, including local delicacies, clothing, ornaments and many others. Some resorts also house some small stalls where you can find some souvenirs.

Getting To & Around Reu 
Once you find yourself in Vietnam, you can reach Reu Island via boat ride from Halong Bay City. The nearest domestic airport in the city is in Haiphong and the nearest international airport is in Hanoi.