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Trong Mai Islet

hon trong mai Trong Mai Islet is located in the South-West side of Halong Bay, 5km from the tourist wharf. This Islet is considered as a symbol of Halong Bay in particularly and Vietnam Tourism in generally.

The Islet includes 2 big boulders with 15m height from water surface. From afar, they look like a pair of male and female chicken who is in the situation of “face to face”. People considered them as a couple of Cock and Hen which stands proudly over the sea representing for an endless love. Some considered them as two fighting cocks because of their “face to face” situation.

At sunrise, the sunshine in the early morning covers two boulders in fabulous scarlet. With two tiny roots, the two boulders seem to be collapsed into the sea anytime just only by some strong waves. However, hundreds of millions of years have passed, Trong Mai Islet is still there, superb and proud. The attraction seems to be double multiply with that.