Affordable & Enjoyable - Era Cruise Halong - Off 10%Era Cruise Halong – Off 10%

Affordable & Enjoyable

This tour provides excellent service as an affordable price. I was picked up by the tour bus from my hotel to Halong Bay. My tour guide Sunny gave the tour a nice summary on Vietnam and Halong Bay.
The cruise was very comfortable. I was able to sleep that night. Do not worry about it.
The food provided was very delicious and filling. There was Vietnamese and maybe Chinese food, and I was very impressive by the American breakfast.
Do not worry of being bored onboard because you will have many activites like kayaking, sightseeing, cooking class etc… At night, you have the chance to mingle with others. I had a chance to speak to Sunny who speaks fluent mandarin. He is more than willing to speak mandarin if you can understand..
Lastly, remember your sunblock and sunglasses when you go for this trip 🙂

Visited December 2012
Reviewed by Bncc