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Beyond My Expectation

It was totally a pleasure to be in this cruise. I have totally no idea how was this trip actually gonna be as my friend was the one who arranged the trip. 

This was my first time to be in Hanoi, Vietnam. I must say that me and my friend were happy to be there.

Personally, starting from the moment I stepped on the Alova Gold Cruise, the place has already wow-ed me. Though the cruise was not big, but it’s cozy, clean and well-maintained. I didn’t expect that the place would be so nice. 🙂 The crews were friendly, too. I could tell that all the crews were working hard to ensure that all of us were taken under good care. 🙂 

One of the things that I love most was they way they prepared our meals. The food were not just merely yummy but were placed nicely with some food decorations to create the feeling that “yes…you are being pampered!” 🙂

Besides enjoying the sun and scenery at daytime, if sky is clear enough, we also can go to upper deck and enjoy seeing the stars as well. Which me and my friend did!

Oh yess…, I would like to thanks to our tour guide, Sunny, which took good care of everyone in the group and always ensure that no one was left out. We did have a lil’ bit communication issue at the beginning, however, it didn’t interrupt much the fun. Instead, I was glad that he’s willing to guide me on my first time kayaking. At least now I know how fun it is. 🙂 Other thing need to emphasize is….he can speak in Mandarin (Chinese)! Self-study. I am impressed. Well done, Bro! 🙂

During this trip I was really able to take off my head from works and relax which I think that’s the main purpose of holiday. 🙂

The only thing I regretted was I only join their 2D1N Halong Bay Cruise tour. If I could extend one more day, I would be more than happy to join their SAPA trip, too. Wish to be back there someday. 🙂

Would I recommend Alova Gold Cruises to others? Yes. 🙂

Thanks to Sunny and all crews for making my short trip fun and meaningful. 🙂 Keepin’ it up and all the best!

Visited June 2013
Reviewed by chongtracy