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Highlight of our trip – Alova Gold Cruises

We had a great tour guide called Man. He had only been doing this trip for a few months but what he lacked in knowledge he made up for with enthusiasm  and nothing was too much for him to make our trip enjoyable. We did worry about the boat before we arrived in Halong, but we didn’t need to. The boat was probably one of the best there (and there was a few). The crew of Alova Gold Cruises were so friendly and very welcoming  and the food was fantastic. We may have been lucky with the other guests as we all got on great which made the trip even better, especially when we all tried the captains cocktails during happy hour. All in all value for money and some great scenery. My only suggestion would be don’t do the 2 nights-3 days trip, just do the 1 night-2 days which we, and most others did (comments from other people that did the 2 nights-3 days that joined our boat for their 2nd night said that it was not really any thing extra involved and saw the same things on the second day)

Reviewed by Kevin R.